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Brooklyn Blue in 'BBC doms 2 hot pornstars - hard'

Brooklyn Blue - BBC doms 2 hot pornstars - hard

Dru Hermes dominates his favorite two sluts Brooklyn Blue and Amber Jayne, mercilessly fucking, choking, and spanking them while he orders them to keep their fucking mouths shut. They do try but he still punishes them - and they want it.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Miss Jade Winter loses BBG virginity'

Brooklyn Blue - Miss Jade Winter loses BBG virginity

Miss Jade Winter?s first-ever BGG and we think she?s turned into a cock-hungry slut since! Her innocent looks, dressed in real nylons and couture lingerie didn?t help her. Brooklyn Blue and Billy Marrick Fed her everything: pussy, cock, titts, and used her as their little plaything. They ruined her and she fucking loved every drop of it!

Brooklyn Blue in 'Teen gets used by 2 MILFS'

Brooklyn Blue - Teen gets used by 2 MILFS

Tiny Bodied Baby Kitten gets used and abused by Femme Dommes Brooklyn Blue and Mackenzie Page. Hard lesbian exploits, toys, spitting, and strap-on play. These little sluts get used in every way.

Barbie Sins in 'Blonde bimbo gets tied up and used'

Barbie Sins - Blonde bimbo gets tied up and used

Submissive slut Barbie Sins finds herself tied up in a dungeon, clueless as to what will happen to her. Lucky for us - otherwise she might have tried to run away. Brooklyn Blue and Mr. Longwood team up to take advantage of this blond barbie bimbo: fucking her harder and deeper than she?s ever been fucked, pushing her head deep down onto the cock, sitting on her face, fucking her with a strap-on while she gags on Mr. Longwood?s cock, merciless provoking her to orgasm until she can?t take no more.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Behind Her Husband's Back'

Brooklyn Blue - Behind Her Husband's Back

Busty blonde Brooklyn Blue wants nothing more than a good, hard fuck and her husband just can't give it to her. When estate agent Danny D comes to check out their home, Brooklyn sees a perfect opportunity to get what she wants right under her husband's nose.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Showgirl Stuffed With Big Black Cock'

Brooklyn Blue - Showgirl Stuffed With Big Black Cock

Cabaret dancer Brooklyn Blue entertains her customer before spreading her legs and taking his huge black cock into her wet pussy and open mouth. Hot stuff!

Brooklyn Blue in 'Pantomime Pounding'

Brooklyn Blue - Pantomime Pounding

Jordi ENP's decision to drop out of college and enroll at the Royal Academy of Mimes and Clowns isn't sitting well with his stern father. However, his new stepmom, Brooklyn Blue, is a bit more sympathetic and encouraging of his choices. After an argument over breakfast where Brooklyn stands up for Jordi, Jordi follows Brooklyn as she gets set to shower, spying on her as she towels off. Brooklyn, though, catches him, and as Jordi fumbles to hide his cock, Brooklyn yanks him inside the bathroom by his suspenders. After nearly getting caught in the bathroom, Brooklyn tells Jordi to wait for her in his room, saying she has a surprise for him. When Brooklyn enters Jordi's room, she gives him a lesson in miming – and much more.

Brooklyn Blue in 'I Want Your Husband'

Brooklyn Blue - I Want Your Husband

Brooklyn hasn't been satisfied by a man in a long time and she has her eyes on her friend's husband. When he stumbles in on her while she's changing , she takes the opportunity to get a piece for herself - sucking and fucking his big, juicy cock!

Brooklyn Blue in 'Sex With The Scarecrow'

Brooklyn Blue - Sex With The Scarecrow

With Danny D's wife consistently frustrated at critters getting into her garden, Danny has taken it upon himself to buy a scarecrow for their backyard. The scarecrow he orders and installs, however, is suspiciously life-like and, frankly, a lot sexier than his wife. Danny embarrassingly gets caught fondling the scarecrow's huge tits after accidentally spraying it with water, which brings what he thought was an inanimate mannequin to life as the busty, sexy, and supremely horny blonde bombshell Brooklyn Blue – a scarecrow who clearly knows how to suck and ride a massive, hard cock.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Are You Even A Doctor'

Brooklyn Blue - Are You Even A Doctor

Brooklyn Blue's doctor is away on vacation and she's been referred to Dr. Danny D to go over some test results. When she arrives at his office, she is disturbed by how dirty it is. Before going over the results, Danny wants to do a quick check up. He asks her some personal questions and then directs her to take off her pants. Brooklyn is confused and suspicious of Danny, but is ready to follow the doctors orders. Danny checks her big tits and then inspects her wet pussy with a magnifying glass. Brooklyn has finally had enough. She exposes him as a fraud and claims she probably knows more about the human body than he does. She orders him to pull out his giant cock and then gives him a sloppy blowjob. They fuck all over the examination room until Danny shoots his load all over her tits and face.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Star Trexxx- The Captains Seed (XXX Parody)'

Brooklyn Blue - Star Trexxx- The Captains Seed (XXX Parody)

Captain D and fellow Starfleet officer Zara DuRose sneak off to have a romp when they are interrupted by the appearance of a sexy space alien Brooklyn Blue seeking to repopulate her planet. Together, Captain D and Zara educate Brooklyn on the finer points of human copulation, all for the sake of interplanetary relations.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Busty Blonde Brooklyn Blue is Drunk On Cock'

Brooklyn Blue - Busty Blonde Brooklyn Blue is Drunk On Cock

Busty blonde slut Brooklyn Blue gets the Private treatment! After a couple of drinks this girl goes for a cocktail, sucking his cock with an open throat before spreading her legs to take him deep inside her. He sucks on her huge tits as he pounds her out and then he has her bend over so he can crush her tight pussy from behind slamming into her firm round ass. Once she has had enough of his long hard cock, he pulls out to give this cum hungry slut a big sticky cumshot.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Busty Blonde Brooklyn Blue Gets Wet and Sticky'

Brooklyn Blue - Busty Blonde Brooklyn Blue Gets Wet and Sticky

Nasty and Naughty! Busty British slut Brooklyn Blue rubs her pussy and huge tits while her man watches. Forget about teasing, this slut sucks some hard cock, getting swollen glands from a sloppy blowjob. After grinding out her tight cunt on top, this cowgirl bends over to have her sweet pussy slammed hard from behind. He pumps this sexy bitch making her scream as she gets satisfied and he finishes in Private's trademark style, shooting a huge cumshot all over her hot naked body.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Flower Delivery'

Brooklyn Blue - Flower Delivery

Brooklyn is excited to surprise her husband Roger with a home-cooked Valentine's Day dinner. When her day is interrupted by a flower delivery from hubby dearest, she's thrilled… until she sees who the flowers are really addressed to, and takes it out on the clueless flower delivery guy.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Brooklyn Blues Facial Fantasy'

Brooklyn Blue - Brooklyn Blues Facial Fantasy

Brooklyn Blue came all the way from the UK to get some of the ZZ dick, so we gave her a little taste of home by sending her Keiran Lee and his fat British cock. After a nice strip tease, Brooklyn sucked Keiran's big dick wearing nothing but a nice pair of heels, and then titty fucked that cock until her pussy was dripping wet. She took Keiran's fat cock balls deep in her pretty pink pussy, moaning like a slut and talking dirty in her sexy English accent! Finally, Keiran gave her a nice big facial, but that wasn't enough for a cum craving babe like Brooklyn Blue, so Keiran called in a few of his buddies to blow their loads all over her pretty face too!

Brooklyn Blue in 'Party Facials'

Brooklyn Blue - Party Facials

After a wild night of popping bottles of champagne all over their luscious big titties, all busty babes Brooklyn Blue, Emma Leigh, and Jasmine Jae need to properly ring in the new year is a good fucking from a nice fat cock. Luckily for them, the bartender Dimetri has a big dick that is ready, willing, and able to service those buxom beauties right. The three ladies rip his clothes off and suck his dick, one sucking the balls while the other two work the shaft. Once he's nice and hard and the ladies have dripping wet pussies, it's time for Dimetri to fuck all three of those lusty lovelies so he can blow his load all over them while the ball drops!

Brooklyn Blue in 'Dr Blues on the Blow-Job Training'

Brooklyn Blue - Dr Blues on the Blow-Job Training

Dr Brooklyn Blue's brought a couple of her smokin' hot residents along on her rounds today. They want to make sure their patient Xander is in good health, because they've got big plans for him and for his fat cock. Brooklyn and her friends wheel him into a wing of the hospital they've converted into a private sex lair. Once Brooklyn gets Xander all alone, she spreads her pussy wide open to take every inch of his dick, until she's found the cure for her epic horniness.

Brooklyn Blue in 'Dark Edge'

Brooklyn Blue - Dark Edge

When the beautiful showgirl Brooklyn Blue hits the stage she quickly knows how to draw the attention. When showing her big tits, tight ass and sexy body on the stage the big dicks come out quickly!

Yuffie Yulan in 'Fuck Of The Irish'

Yuffie Yulan - Fuck Of The Irish

It's that magical time of year again: St. Patty's Day! And to celebrate this lucky occasion, we head over to Ireland for coverage of the wrestling match of the decade! Brooklyn and Yuffie wriggle and writhe in green slime before tackling Ref Danny O'D's cock with their tits and lips. Happy St. Patty's, everyone!

Brooklyn Blue in 'Deep Impact'

Brooklyn Blue - Deep Impact

It's the last day on earth, and the latest news report from ZZ News says that they are only 30 minutes left until the planet explodes. When Danny's girlfriend asks him what he wants to do with his last half hour on earth, he tells her the truth: he wants to fuck her hot sister Brooklyn. Hey, it's the end of the world, after all!

Brooklyn Blue in 'Cock - robics'

Brooklyn Blue - Cock - robics

Brooklyn teaches an aerobics class. Danny wants to get in shape. When Brooklyn spots Danny's massive cock hanging out of his shorts she decides Danny just might need a little one on one intensive instruction.