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Lady Sonia in 'Big MILF Tits In The Garden'

Lady Sonia - Big MILF Tits In The Garden

Sexy MILF Lady Sonia in the garden!

Lady Sonia in 'The Handpussy Wanker'

Lady Sonia - The Handpussy Wanker

No woman is EVER going to be interested in your little cock so it's just as well that you are used to being a REAL wanker! There is nothing wrong with being a wanker darling... So long as you understand that this is ALL you will ever be!

Lady Sonia in 'I Want To See You Suck Cock'

Lady Sonia - I Want To See You Suck Cock

You spend ALL DAY sitting there online in front of internet porn and you LOVE to wank as you watch me fucking HUGE black cocks... So NOW you are going to do something for ME wanker!

Lady Sonia in 'Clit Massage In The Car'

Lady Sonia - Clit Massage In The Car

I ALWAYS get my big MILF tits out in the car as I love to show off and flash for anyone who wants to see and this time I also open my long legs WIDE and massage my clit until I cum several times too! Enjoy :-) xxx

Lady Sonia in 'Blackmailing Your Busty Aunt'

Lady Sonia - Blackmailing Your Busty Aunt

Would you blackmail your aunt and make her show you her tits? Secretly photograph her while she is nude sunbathing in the garden and then threaten to show her pics unless she does what you want?

Lady Sonia in 'Bitch In Boots'

Lady Sonia - Bitch In Boots

I'm just on the phone texting your wife and surprise surprise you walk in with your eyes glued to my tits wanting a wank... Go one then, get it out and show me! Black patent boots and bare thighs so show me how hard you are!

Lady Sonia in 'My HUGE New Dildo And Your Cock'

Lady Sonia - My HUGE New Dildo And Your Cock

Can you see the difference darling? Between my HUGE new dildo and your tiny little hard cock? Can you see why I need a BIG dildo? Your cock is FAR too small to be of any use to a woman... It's TINY! I want you to unzip and show me just how small it is NOW!

Lady Sonia in 'Auntie Having A Wank In Close Up'

Lady Sonia - Auntie Having A Wank In Close Up

Self isolation goes on and on and I DESPERATELY needed to cum this afternoon so it was fingers and a dildo but at least I caught it ALL on video for you to watch! And in FULL close-up too so that you can see everything!

Lady Sonia in 'An Obsession With Aunties Big MILF Tits'

Lady Sonia - An Obsession With Aunties Big MILF Tits

I knew that as soon as you uncle went out you would call around. ANY excuse to come and perve over aunties HUGE tits! You want to look down my top and see my cleavage... But why don't you just ask so that you can see my big MILF tits properly? If you want to use auntie as a wank object just tell me darling! I have my white spike heeled though boots on and I have been ready for you to get here.

Lady Sonia in 'Watching Auntie Getting Changed'

Lady Sonia - Watching Auntie Getting Changed

Ah there you are darling... I'm just getting changed... You don't mind do you? Perhaps you could help... Does my new top go with this black deep-plunge platform bra? Or does it look better without a bra? Come in and have a look and tell me what you think.

Lady Sonia in 'Aunties BIG 36F Tits As You Edge'

Lady Sonia - Aunties BIG 36F Tits As You Edge

Auntie is going to hand her HUGE tits over your face as you stroke your hard cock... I want you to see what it would be like if I was sitting on your riding your cock... Watching my big tits and my HUGE nipples swinging over your face as you wank.

Lady Sonia in 'MILF Cock Tease In Thigh Boots'

Lady Sonia - MILF Cock Tease In Thigh Boots

You love it when I say the word 'cunt' don't you. It makes your cock so fucking hard. I am going to open my long legs WIDE for you and I am going to say the word 'cunt' for you while you have a long hard wank for me and I will have my legs WIDE open so that you can look at my 'cunt' as you wank yourself off!

Lady Sonia in 'Shoot All Over My Big MILF Porn Tits'

Lady Sonia - Shoot All Over My Big MILF Porn Tits

Keeping Pornosexual's busy is what I LOVE to do and I know that you love my big MILF porn tits! The thought of you wanking and edging over me makes me VERY wet and I know that you need to cum HARD!

Lady Sonia in 'Auntie Caught Him Wanking'

Lady Sonia - Auntie Caught Him Wanking

I was VERY surprised to walk up the stairs and catch you wanking darling... You were watching a video of ME and I am your auntie for goodness sake! I think we had better have a little talk so that that you can tell me what you think you were up to!

Lady Sonia in 'Lockdown Chat With Gill Ellis-Young'

Lady Sonia - Lockdown Chat With Gill Ellis-Young

As we go into the fifth week of the lockdown I thought that it would be good if we could just sit down and have a little chat together. Masturbation, things I am missing, things I am looking forward to and what I LOVE to do.

Lady Sonia in 'Big MILF Tits And The Porn Slave'

Lady Sonia - Big MILF Tits And The Porn Slave

You are a slave to porn you pathetic wanker... The thing is that I just LOVE wankers! Guys who wank are MY pornography and I just LOVE to watch as I masturbate! Would you let me watch you slave? Would you be MY pornography?

Lady Sonia in 'MILF Auntie In Lockdown Wank Instruction'

Lady Sonia - MILF Auntie In Lockdown Wank Instruction

If you want to see aunties big MILF porn tits you are going to have to unzip for me darling. I know that you want to see my tits but I LOVE watching guys wank! You don't mind do you darling? You will do that for auntie please?

Lady Sonia in 'Lockdown Edging Session'

Lady Sonia - Lockdown Edging Session

With news that the lockdown here has been extended I think that it's the perfect opportunity for me to let you have an edging session over my big MILF tits! Just look at my cleavage and unzip and then we can get started!

Lady Sonia in 'Aunt Sonia And Aunt Red Cleavage Wank'

Lady Sonia - Aunt Sonia And Aunt Red Cleavage Wank

As you are a MILF cleavage obsessed wanker you had better come in and unzip so that we can get started with you!

Lady Sonia in 'Tit Wank With Lots Of Oil'

Lady Sonia - Tit Wank With Lots Of Oil

I know that you are addicted to big tit MILF porn so it's time that we had a little chat so that I can show you my big tits with LOADS of warm slippery baby oil so that I can help you have a proper wank! Enjoy :-) xxx

Lady Sonia in 'Addicted To Big Black Cock Porn'

Lady Sonia - Addicted To Big Black Cock Porn

To feed you addiction to big black cock MILF porn we are going to have a little chat while you have your wank today and I am going to help you with your edging session one-on-one! Enjoy :-) xxx

Lady Sonia in 'Addicted To Internet Porn'

Lady Sonia - Addicted To Internet Porn

To help you with your internet porn addiction my very special friend Red and myself help you through todays edging session as we talk to you and let you see just what you need to see to help you with your wank!

Lady Sonia in 'Selfie Changing Room Video'

Lady Sonia - Selfie Changing Room Video

I am ALWAYS buying new clothes so last week I thought it would be fun to use my phone to record some changing room video of myself trying clothes and underwear on. Enjoy :-) xxx

Lady Sonia in 'Let Me Lick Your Fleshlight Clean'

Lady Sonia - Let Me Lick Your Fleshlight Clean

I have a present for you darling. A new Fleshlight! It is the PERFECT present for Pornosexual's and it's REALLY going to help you with your big tit MILF Porn! Now I know that this Fleshlight is going to be very quickly filled with precum so when it's nice and full I want you to hand it back to me so that I can taste you!

Lady Sonia in 'While You Are Away'

Lady Sonia - While You Are Away

So darling, you are going away on a business trip are you? Well just so that I don't get bored I have invited a couple of VERY fit young guys from my gym around for the evening... You don't mind do you darling? They want to both fuck me in OUR bed! Can you imagine darling? They both want to strip me and use me and fill me with cum and the fact that they are going to use me in OUR marital bed while you are away on business seems to REALLY turn them both on darling!

Lady Sonia in 'Worship My Big 34g Cup Tits'

Lady Sonia - Worship My Big 34g Cup Tits

I have seen you trying to look down my top... You want to see my big 34G cup tits don't you? You want me to take off my bra and let you see them properly? My big firm tits and my HUGE brown nipples... You want to know what it feels like to have my big tits squeezed around your throbbing hard cock so that I can slowly tit wank you as you leak precum all over me... I know that you want to shoot ALL of your thick hot cum all over my big tits... Jet after jet of your hot slippery cum all over me and then you want to watch me lick them clean...

Red XXX in 'Auntie Sonia And Auntie Red Tease The Nephews Cock'

Red XXX - Auntie Sonia And Auntie Red Tease The Nephews Cock

The two PERFECT aunties for a wanker nephew who stains his sheets every sleepover night! Are you going to unzip for us? Show us both your big hard cock? I don't mind that you are addicted to Internet Porn but with two very real and very experienced aunties here I think that it's time that we got to watch you properly!

Lady Sonia in 'Nottingham Shopping Trip'

Lady Sonia - Nottingham Shopping Trip

I shot this impromptu spur-of-the moment video while out on a shopping trip to Nottingham last week and I thought that you would like to see what I was wearing. Fully fashioned nylons and a woollen top to REALLY show off my tits and then as I parked at the shopping centre I made myself cum VERY hard with the vibrator that I always keep in my handbag!

Lady Sonia in 'The Morning After The Party'

Lady Sonia - The Morning After The Party

Just back home after a VERY long night at the @BlackmanFanClub (BlackManFanClub) and I ring my husband to tell him that I am home and I also tell him ALL about it! My husband LOVES to hear everything that happens and I thought that you would too as I tell him all about some of the HUGE cocks there and even the morning after I am still absolutely FULL of cum! Enjoy :-) xxx

Lady Sonia in 'MILF Vibrator Fuck Thinking About You'

Lady Sonia - MILF Vibrator Fuck Thinking About You

I had been speaking on the phone with a guy I know who is a fellow "edging enthusiast" and as we chatted and he told me that he had been edging that morning to my videos it just made me so VERY wet that I just had to do something about it... Thinking of him there watching my videos and edging and knowing that so many others do the same is just about the ultimate turn-on for me. It's something that I have ALWAYS loved. Whenever I masturbate I think about all of the guys edging and wanking over me and it makes me cum so VERY HARD!