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Lady Sonia in 'Big MILF Tits On Show In The Car'

Lady Sonia - Big MILF Tits On Show In The Car

Driving through Nottingham on a shopping trip I thought it would be fun to show off my BIG 34F MILF tits and HUGE nipples in the middle of the day for all to see! Thin woollen top that lets you see just about EVERYTHING even before I lift it up, quarter cup bra to thrust my big tits out hard, pencil skirt, fully fashioned nylons and high heels. Perfect for your wanking pleasure darling!

Lady Sonia in 'Aunt Sonia Punishes Her Nephew For Edging And Wanking'

Lady Sonia - Aunt Sonia Punishes Her Nephew For Edging And Wanking

When Aunt Sonia's nephew calls around to do some work in the garden she finds that he has instead been busy in the spare bedroom on his laptop "edging" to porn! So he has a choice... Do EXACTLY as she wants or she is going to tell his mother and his uncle that he has been watching porn on his laptop and wanking in secret! He really has no choice at all!

Lady Sonia in 'Please Let Me Help You With Your Edging Session Darling'

Lady Sonia - Please Let Me Help You With Your Edging Session Darling

Hi darling. Look, I know that you are in the middle of an "edging session" there sitting at your computer so I thought I would drop in and give you a little help. Would you like that? I have so many "edging enthusiasts" who are members of my site here (which REALLY turns me on like crazy!) but I really haven't done a lot to help you with that one-on-one so can I help you now please? I would LOVE that! :-) xxx

Lady Sonia in 'Aunt Sonia Masturbates With Her Panties Filled With Her Nephews Cum'

Lady Sonia - Aunt Sonia Masturbates With Her Panties Filled With Her Nephews Cum

Aunt Sonia's Nephew has been edging for several hours while she was out shopping, getting her nails done and meeting friends for lunch. It's their little secret because having her nephew edging over her makes Aunt Sonia VERY wet! She loves to watch and masturbate as he edges but now she wants something a little different. Something a little more intimate involving her panties and the HUGE load of cum he is going to shoot! Enjoy :-) xxx

Lady Sonia in 'Edging Lessons With Aunt Sonia'

Lady Sonia - Edging Lessons With Aunt Sonia

Aunt Sonia understands your need to edge so she is going to give you some help. Layered nylon, see-through panties, high heels and VERY big tits so she has everything that you need to edge for hours and hours on end, so shall we get started? Lock the door, sit down and unzip!

Lady Sonia in 'Aunt Sonia And Her Nephews Edging Session'

Lady Sonia - Aunt Sonia And Her Nephews Edging Session

When Aunt Sonia catches her nephew enjoying an long "edging session" in the spare bedroom during a sleepover she calls him into the sitting room so that she can see how rock hard his cock is... Her nephew has been edging for over four hours and he hasn't cum for over two days so his solid cock is throbbing and his balls are DESPERATE to explode!

Lady Sonia in 'Aunties Big Tits'

Lady Sonia - Aunties Big Tits

You seem to be obsessed with my big 36 "F" cup tits darling even though I am your aunt! Perhaps now that we are alone I can let you have a proper look and then you can unzip and show me your hard cock before your uncle gets back? Perhaps I can help you to have a wank?

Lady Sonia in 'Aunt Sonia's Unsuspecting Niece Asks For A Loan For A Car'

Lady Sonia - Aunt Sonia's Unsuspecting Niece Asks For A Loan For A Car

Violet needs a car now that she has started university but the only problem is that she doesn't have the money... After asking everyone for a loan without any luck she has no choice but to go and ask Aunt Sonia... And aunt Sonia immediately uses Violets desperate situation to her advantage! Aunt Sonia agrees to lend her the money on two conditions... First she must let aunt Sonia "play with her" and as Violet has heard the rumors about aunt Sonia's decadent little games so she is quite worried straight away but then when Aunt Sonia tells her that the second condition is that if Violet is late with even a single repayment then she is going to be given to her uncle as a "sex toy" she is horrified... But she has absolutely no choice at all if she is going to be able to go to university! Both aunt Sonia and uncle both know that she will struggle to repay the loan and already the plans are being put together to have some REAL fun with the VERY reluctant young niece! Violet is just about to find out just what sort of games aunt Sonia likes to play and also why she is her uncles favorite...

Lady Sonia in 'Obsessed With His Aunts Big Tits'

Lady Sonia - Obsessed With His Aunts Big Tits

This young guys aunt is one my best friends and she often has him call around to her house to do a few odd jobs but interestingly she told me that he is ALWAYS looking at her big tits! As soon as she told me about this and because I always have a lot of little jobs that need doing in the gardens and grounds here I thought it would be rather fun to invite him around to see if I could interest him in my big 34 "G" cup tits as well! The only difference would be that I would actually undress for him and show him my big tits and HUGE nipples if he is obsessed as she says... Of course I will have to dress to REALLY get his attention... And then I can have a little fun with him and get a few other little odd jobs done as well...

Lady Sonia in 'A Special Present From My Friends Husband'

Lady Sonia - A Special Present From My Friends Husband

I am not going to mention any names but one of my friends husbands has made it clear that he wants to get into my bed while my husband is away and last week he gave me a little present while his wife was out of the room and when I opened the box later I was surprised to see that it was a HUGE cock shaped vibrator with thick veins all the way up the shaft! I hid it away so that my husband didn't see it and then when he left for the office on Friday I had the sudden urge to to try it out for the first time. The vibrator is VERY powerful and just what I needed to massage my clit... I think next time my husband is away I will text him and invite him over so that he can see just how hard it makes me cum for himself... And then perhaps we can spend the afternoon in bed together so that he can have EVERYTHING that he wants!

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