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Lady Sonia in 'Big MILF Tits JOI With My HUGE Dildo!'

Lady Sonia - Big MILF Tits JOI With My HUGE Dildo!

Let me slip out my HUGE tits for you darling as I am going to show you how I want you to stroke your throbbing cock using my big hard cock shaped dildo!

Lady Sonia in 'Worship My Ass JOI'

Lady Sonia - Worship My Ass JOI

Worship My Ass JOIWhy don't I undress and bend over for you darling so that you can have a long slow wank over my MILF ass?

Lady Sonia in 'Stretching My MILF Cunt HARD'

Lady Sonia - Stretching My MILF Cunt HARD

Using one of my new BIG cock shaped dildos I stretch my cunt HARD and make myself cum!

Lady Sonia in 'Wand Vibrator In The Car'

Lady Sonia - Wand Vibrator In The Car

Legs open WIDE in the back of the car with lorry drivers watching as I make myself cum VERY hard!

Lady Sonia in 'Up The Skirt And Lots More Too'

Lady Sonia - Up The Skirt And Lots More Too

Up The Skirt And Lots More TooThis is my second shoot at The Natural Light Studio in Northampton and this video is VERY different. LOADS of â??up the skirtâ? footage, HUGE 34 â??Gâ? cup boobs, my MASSIVE nipples at their very biggest, fully fashioned nylons and of course no panties at all!

Lady Sonia in 'Getting A Little Behind'

Lady Sonia - Getting A Little Behind

Getting A Little BehindThe day started out with me tidying up and ended up with what I think will be the last ever shoot in the studio here. We want to get out and about and shoot in different places and more outdoors too so I suppose it was only fitting that I was the last person to shoot here before the annex is converted back into a house again.

Lady Sonia in 'My Brand New High Power Doxy Wand!'

Lady Sonia - My Brand New High Power Doxy Wand!

I waited until you were here so that I could unbox it and try it for the very first time. But will it make me squirt darling?

Lady Sonia in 'HUGE MILF Tits Baby Oil And Ice Cubes!'

Lady Sonia - HUGE MILF Tits Baby Oil And Ice Cubes!

I want you to spunk and I want you to spunk HARD! Why don't I oil up my HUGE tits for you so that you can have a REAL wank?

Lady Sonia in 'A Day At Home'

Lady Sonia - A Day At Home

It was very cold November day outside so I decided that a day indoors at home playing in the kitchen and sitting room making the most of the fabulous sunlight streaming in through the windows in yellow lingerie, black lingerie, nude pantyhose and baby oil would be just perfect.

Lady Sonia in 'Stroking And Squirting In Red With My Doxy Vibrator'

Lady Sonia - Stroking And Squirting In Red With My Doxy Vibrator

I want to cum as you cum so this JOI I get to use my high-power Doxy vibrator as you stroke and cum for me and I ALWAYS squirt when I use my Doxy!

Lady Sonia in 'Drenched In Fake Cum Twice!'

Lady Sonia - Drenched In Fake Cum Twice!

Absolutely covered in a fake cum all over my big MILF tits and then all over my bottom as I bend over for the camera!

Lady Sonia in 'The Drive'

Lady Sonia - The Drive

A drive in the car in the afternoon. 

Lady Sonia in 'Big MILF Tits JOI With LOADS Of Slippery Oil!'

Lady Sonia - Big MILF Tits JOI With LOADS Of Slippery Oil!

Wearing my white micro bikini that barely covers my big MILF tits I absolutely drench them in warm slippery oil as I help you have your wank!

Lady Sonia in 'Cuckold Husband Watching Her Get Ready To Go Out'

Lady Sonia - Cuckold Husband Watching Her Get Ready To Go Out

I'm busy darling... I do hope that you're not trying to hold me up and make me late? I'm going out and I'm going out for sex with a REAL man so get used to the idea!

Lady Sonia in 'The Natural Light Studio'

Lady Sonia - The Natural Light Studio

The Natural Light StudioThis video footage was shoot during the day I spent at The Natural Light Studio in Northampton last week while we were having a look around and planning a shoot there for later in the month. The place is over two hundred years old and has a really interesting history. The place is a huge old ordinance depot and the room that this video was shot in used to be used for storing cannon balls!

Lady Sonia in 'Big Messy MILF Tits'

Lady Sonia - Big Messy MILF Tits

I love having my big MILF tits messy with cum. The bigger the load or the more guys there are the better! Shoot all over my big MILF tits!

Lady Sonia in 'Micro Bikini Tease'

Lady Sonia - Micro Bikini Tease

You don't mind if I oil up my big MILF tits while you have your wank there? Do you like my micro bikini top? Does it make your cock throb as you stroke there?

Lady Sonia in 'Good Old Fashioned Glamour'

Lady Sonia - Good Old Fashioned Glamour

 So simple yet so effective... 

Lady Sonia in 'Onlyfans Live Stream Three'

Lady Sonia - Onlyfans Live Stream Three

My own personal recording of my Wednesday night LIVE STREAM from my Onlyfans site live from my studio.

Lady Sonia in 'Woken Up By Auntie'

Lady Sonia - Woken Up By Auntie

Wake up, darling... Your uncle is out so I thought I would come in and wake you up myself and show you what I want when you get back later.

Lady Sonia in 'Caged'

Lady Sonia - Caged

This was shot at our first visit to the excellent Oasis Studio at Bilsthorpe near Nottingham. 

Lady Sonia in 'MILF Wank Buddie'

Lady Sonia - MILF Wank Buddie

I have several wank buddies darling but I really want to be YOUR wank buddie. Would you like that darling?

Lady Sonia in 'Meeting Your New Step-Mother'

Lady Sonia - Meeting Your New Step-Mother

Hello darling... II know that we haven't had a chance to chat yet but I think we had better start off on the right foot and I should tell you exactly what I want from you...

Lady Sonia in 'Would You Like Your Aunt Sonia To Undress For You'

Lady Sonia - Would You Like Your Aunt Sonia To Undress For You

Would You Like Your Aunt Sonia To Undress For You?Good morning... Dis you sleep well? I have just brought you your glass of milk... Ah, I see that you have found your uncles magazine collection... Do you like to look at pictures of women undressed? Well, if you like I can undress for you? Would you like that? Would you like me to undress so that you can see ALL of me? There is really no need for you to be looking at pictures of naked women if your uncle is out is there? I am sure that we can have a LOT more fun together than you reading magazines all alone here... Would you like to see aunties big tits? I have got VERY big nipples as well... Would you like to see? Shall I undress for you now? 

Lady Sonia in 'Barefoot Edging'

Lady Sonia - Barefoot Edging

I'm going to slip my heels off then I'm going to edge myself with my vibrator with my legs WIDE open as you stroke for me!